Overcast 3

Easily one of my most used iOS apps Overcast just received a really nice update and creator, Marco Arment, has shared a great write up detailing the update and the decisions behind it.

Wait! Animate

Delaying css animations on load sounds simple but is actually relatively complex, involving what can be the tedious calculations of keyframe percentages.

I've fought this doing this in the past and Wait! Animate seems like the tool to win avoid that fight. #

CSS Evolution: From CSS, SASS, BEM, CSS Modules to Styled Components

Whatever technology you use whether it is SASS, BEM, CSS Modules or Styled Components there is no substitute for a well defined styling architecture that makes it intuitive for other developers to contribute to your code base without thinking too much, breaking or introducing new moving parts to the system. #


Easily set Mac Retina display to higher unsupported resolutions. #

This is a tool that lets you use MacBook Pro Retina's highest and unsupported resolutions. As an example, a Retina MacBook Pro 13" can be set to 3360×2100 maximum resolution, as opposed to Apple's max supported 1680×1050. It is accessible from the menu bar.

Samsung is in trouble...

If you thought having your phone suddenly spew smoke and possibly catch fire was scary, how about getting a deemed safe replacement phone then having exactly that happen?

More worryingly, the phone in question was a replacement Galaxy Note 7, one that was deemed to be safe by Samsung. #

Text Spinners

This project tries to mimic command line spinners like those from cli-spinners (where most of them are taken from) and bring them to the web. #

Using Animation to Enhance UX

Good UX design can be everywhere, even in what most of us would probably think of as as the most non-user friendly software out there—CRM systems! #